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Authorship, Authority and Authenticity

2016-03-21 in Uncategorized

I think many people place a great deal of trust in print. Pages of printed text, published between a hardcover binding, with impressive dustcovers screaming out exclusive elucidation to be had for the mere inconvenience of a small price to pay for the luxury great revelations and fantastic knowledge.

While some might say this seems far-fetched, I myself am often prodded to publish my writing. Why should I?

I know no one who would pay for it. I think most of my readers are not so attached to pulp brain dumps. They are more inclined to simply register my point of view and then move on. The so-called “rest of the world” — those with a fetish for tomes of printed words — are far less inclined to follow my reasoning, abstractions, descriptions of immaterial nature, philosophy, and similar assorted amusements. The vast majority desire a plot, a story line, good storytellers capable of awesome storytelling.

I can’t — or perhaps simply refuse to — get from here to there. My world is a static zero-sum game. There is little action, almost no surprise, the narrative is as dead as a doornail.

Even worse: I expect you to think. You are supposed to come up with ideas, make plans, engage in collaborative efforts. It’s all a huge PAIN.

Why bother?

The real world is usually not a very big page-turner. Reality is what avid readers attempt to escape… rather than embrace. Our eco-system is dirt cheap and mundane, not awe-inspiring.

Yet in my humble opinion this is a rather limited world-view. From my perspective, both the future as well as the past are fictional stories that need to be „filled in“ with concrete details. We are moving through time and space, we see various intersections up ahead, we can steer this way or that way. We can close in and move together or we can go our own ways and drift apart… – to a degree.

Anyone who thinks they are self-made is only deluding themselves. You are the product of your own choices, decisions and circumstances (and also the choices, decisions and circumstances of all other things and beings). Each and every one of us are embedded in our very own context – every now and then our contexts may overlap a little. We can sieze the day every day, and every day we act upon our glimpses of opportunities we turn tomorrow’s possibilities into today’s realities. Every moment, we create our own lives from the pallette of fictions at our immediate disposal. We are constantly reaching out to grab them and bring them into the present.

We can either keep our stories to ourselves or we can share them with each other. In our authenticity, we enable ourselves and others to grow and we thereby also become co-participants of shared experiences, we engage in collaborative storytelling, we help each other to build the real world together and we also help each other realize the dreams and goals we envision for ourselves and others alike.

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How to Be Your Own Boss

2015-11-10 in Uncategorized

Every now and then people ask me what I do. A couple weeks ago, I met up with a friend I have known “virtually” for about 10 years. We have exchanged so much writing, we live on different parts of the globe, and then he happened to be in the area — so we were actually able to meet up in “meat space“. When we did so, I asked him “so, what do you do?”

Indeed: I asked this with some reluctance, because I sort of knew it was a stupid question.

He answered “I do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it”. 😀

This man is definitely his own boss!

He was traveling together with his wife — they were both doing exactly what they wanted to do at that very moment — which was to meet up with me. They had 4 suitcases on the back seat of their small car. They brought me wine and cake. We ate a wonderful lunch together, sat, chatted, exchanged ideas, enjoyed each other’s company, planned business, pondered fun + games, and then parted… — and yet we are still linked, still engaged, still collaborating,… — even if we are not forced to do so by any contractual arrangement.

I am not following his orders, neither is he following mine — neither of us are interested in ordering and/or following. We are both doing whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it.

There are times when I do things for money. There are times when I do things just because I feel like doing them. Sometime I do things for money that I feel like doing, sometimes I do things I think I don’t feel like doing — but that is quite rarely. Mostly, I just do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it.

Right now I think it’s important for me to explain to you that you can do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it, too.

What I find super-neato is when I do something that makes me happy, and you do something that makes you happy, and we can help each other by doing these things together — I think this is called “collaboration”. You may notice the word “labor” in the middle of the word — we may indeed build up a sweat by doing it. We could also build up a sweat by running together, playing tennis, and maybe even just by thinking really hard. Whether or not we build up a sweat, whether or not we call it “work” or “play” — these things I consider secondary to the question of whether we are happy or enjoying ourselves, or anything like that.

I understand you may think this a meaningless blog post — but I have a hunch it might be a stepping stone to something really profound. I hope I don’t let you down — and until I pick up on this topic again, I hope you have a wonderful time doing the things you want to do. 🙂

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Are We Doing This or Not?

2015-10-11 in Uncategorized

Some people go online to meet other people — but not me. I go online to exchange ideas. Of course I will also “meet” other people when exchanging ideas, but the ideas are the primary focus, not the meeting.

Of course it’s important to agree on goals when you are trying to collaborate. If one person’s goal is X and the other person’s goal is Y, then collaboration is probably not going to happen — at least not collaboration that leads to a successful outcome.

So before you decide to do anything online, first get clear on why you want to do that. It may still be difficult to achieve the goals you want to become reality, but at least you will be (hopefully) headed in the direction that might actually ultimately get you there.

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Over Time, Blog Post Titles Will Transition from Click-Bait to an Invitation to Engage

2015-01-13 in Uncategorized

The transition from click-bait blog post titles to blog post titles that invite the reader to become engaged and participate will be due to a different motivation to write blog posts.

Today most blog posts are made in order to make money from advertising something else, so the main motivation is to get someone to read or at least visit the blog page. Such advertising is usually quite worthless, and therefore will ultimately also pay very little or nothing.

In the future, the motivation will be all about engagement — about participating in the author’s own interests, projects, opportunities for collaboration, etc.

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