Everything here is free! 😀

It works like this: we have a free exchange of information — you give something, you get something. All we need to make this work is to value what the other person/people contributes/contribute to the mix.

I do not value spammers or robots. So the first step for you is to convince me that you are not a spammer or a robot. This is quite easy: write the three words “I want it” — but write them all together (without any spaces) into the comment field below. If you pass this intelligence test, then you are almost done.

You will be registered manually and then you need to update your profile “note” within the first 24 hours of becoming a user. If what you write there is agreeable to a site admin, then you are good to go! (unless you start spamming later — all spammers will be deleted, no spam will be tolerated here)

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