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Supply + Demand of People + Work

2016-01-17 in Uncategorized

A couple days ago, I wrote “Please Help Me to Figure Out Rewards + Rewarding Behavior in the Labor Market Economy“. I still haven’t figured out a solution to this problem yet, but I think I have come across a clue.

In one of his recent podcast episodes (namely TWiSt #607), Jason Calicanis interviewed Kate Kendall of CloudPeeps about “on demand” freelance markets. Jason replied to Kate’s reservations regarding the term “on demand” as follows:

I see it the other way around: That you push the button… and the work for you as the peep is “on demand” — not that I’m demanding you, that you’re demanding work. [36:50 – 37:05]

This harkens back to another story I wrote a couple months ago about the increasing use of freelancers to do work (and also about a campaign by GoPro which I considered to be rather misguided — needless to say, I was not at all surprized as GoPro apparently disappointed the markets the other day with rather lackluster results). The corresponding question in that case would be: were GoPro users asking to be rewarded for creating GoPro films, or was the GoPro camera company asking to be rewarded with film content in exchange for cash (rewards)? What was “on demand“? Who was demanding?

Speaking of which, according to the following screenshot, this blog post seems to be worth ca. US $ 150 to Jason Calicanis:


Please, Jason: Have your peeps get in touch with my peeps and then we can work out the deets! 😀

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