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Thinking of You + Thinking of Yourself

2015-12-19 in Uncategorized

About a week ago, I discovered a quote by Chloe Thurlow. I disagreed with what she wrote, but enjoyed that she chose to write what she thought, felt, whatever. I exchanged some chat with Chloe and I find her very authentic (and I find authenticity a very attractive thing).

I have been thinking a lot about these thoughts and ideas related to owning your own ideas for quite some time now… — and that’s probably why I thought some more now and finally managed to write something more about it again (see “Something to Hide: Nothing to Show” — it’s the same link all 3 times 😉 ).

I bet among the strongest recent influences on my thinking were another post of Chloe’s (see “How To Start Thinking For Yourself“), a post by Sean Werkema back in 2013 (a copy of which I have managed to salvage from the so-called Internet Archive), and also — sort of in the meantime — from some of Adam Curry‘s rants about “the American Dream”.

I wish you pleasant reading! 😀

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