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Thinking of You + Thinking of Yourself

2015-12-19 in Uncategorized

About a week ago, I discovered a quote by Chloe Thurlow. I disagreed with what she wrote, but enjoyed that she chose to write what she thought, felt, whatever. I exchanged some chat with Chloe and I find her very authentic (and I find authenticity a very attractive thing).

I have been thinking a lot about these thoughts and ideas related to owning your own ideas for quite some time now… — and that’s probably why I thought some more now and finally managed to write something more about it again (see “Something to Hide: Nothing to Show” — it’s the same link all 3 times 😉 ).

I bet among the strongest recent influences on my thinking were another post of Chloe’s (see “How To Start Thinking For Yourself“), a post by Sean Werkema back in 2013 (a copy of which I have managed to salvage from the so-called Internet Archive), and also — sort of in the meantime — from some of Adam Curry‘s rants about “the American Dream”.

I wish you pleasant reading! 😀

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The Big Top-Level Domain Closeout

2015-12-12 in Uncategorized

Throughout ICANN’s plan to launch hundreds and thousands of new „top level domains“ (TLDs), I have been rather skeptical of the way the Internet was privatized (I refer to these new top-level domains not as „generic“ but rather as „proprietary“ – as they are, by and large, being granted to private corporations who have little or no responsilities to the wider public). Indeed, taking a rather cynical perspective, one might be able to argue that the whole operation was intended as a sort of „last ditch“ effort to keep the administration of the Internet in the United States of America.

While that may all be good and fine, there is another factor that has so far gone overlooked (even by me! 😯 ).

Whenever a registry which was previously administered in centrally managed subdivisions (such as the .UK registry was previously subdivide in .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and .ME.UK) opens registrations in a „free for all“ manner, that closes off such managed subdivisions to further development. For example, if it were not possible to register any .UK subdomain (besides „CO“, „ORG“ and „ME“), then the .UK registry could still launch a new subdomain (e.g. „.NEW.UK“). Once this is no longer possible, the value of all previous subdivisions should logically go up significantly – as these centrally managed subdivisions thereby immediately become limited resources.

Likewise, each and every previously launched generic TLD immediately became much more valuable as soon as ICANN introduced the new „free for all“ proprietary top-level domains.

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