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How to Be Your Own Boss

2015-11-10 in Uncategorized

Every now and then people ask me what I do. A couple weeks ago, I met up with a friend I have known “virtually” for about 10 years. We have exchanged so much writing, we live on different parts of the globe, and then he happened to be in the area — so we were actually able to meet up in “meat space“. When we did so, I asked him “so, what do you do?”

Indeed: I asked this with some reluctance, because I sort of knew it was a stupid question.

He answered “I do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it”. 😀

This man is definitely his own boss!

He was traveling together with his wife — they were both doing exactly what they wanted to do at that very moment — which was to meet up with me. They had 4 suitcases on the back seat of their small car. They brought me wine and cake. We ate a wonderful lunch together, sat, chatted, exchanged ideas, enjoyed each other’s company, planned business, pondered fun + games, and then parted… — and yet we are still linked, still engaged, still collaborating,… — even if we are not forced to do so by any contractual arrangement.

I am not following his orders, neither is he following mine — neither of us are interested in ordering and/or following. We are both doing whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it.

There are times when I do things for money. There are times when I do things just because I feel like doing them. Sometime I do things for money that I feel like doing, sometimes I do things I think I don’t feel like doing — but that is quite rarely. Mostly, I just do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it.

Right now I think it’s important for me to explain to you that you can do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it, too.

What I find super-neato is when I do something that makes me happy, and you do something that makes you happy, and we can help each other by doing these things together — I think this is called “collaboration”. You may notice the word “labor” in the middle of the word — we may indeed build up a sweat by doing it. We could also build up a sweat by running together, playing tennis, and maybe even just by thinking really hard. Whether or not we build up a sweat, whether or not we call it “work” or “play” — these things I consider secondary to the question of whether we are happy or enjoying ourselves, or anything like that.

I understand you may think this a meaningless blog post — but I have a hunch it might be a stepping stone to something really profound. I hope I don’t let you down — and until I pick up on this topic again, I hope you have a wonderful time doing the things you want to do. 🙂

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