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Move On from Click Bait to Check Mate: Give Your Readers the Answers They Are Searching for Right in the Blog Post Title

2015-09-07 in Uncategorized

Many titles of blog posts follow a common click bait scheme of tickling the potential reader’s interest. One of the most common examples of this has its own name: The “listicle” (from “article” + “list”). Basically, the title would go something like this: “5 Things You Need to Know to be Happy”.

Usually, this kind of click bait immediately turns into “bait and switch“, as upon reading the rather lame article / list, the reader finds out that he/she would rather not have wasted their time reading such nonsense. The result is: The reader becomes unhappy as a result of having clicked on the link.

I believe it is much better to “tell them what you’re going to tell them” right in the blog post title. If you need the reader to click through in order for you to make money, then you can still give the reader more details and explanation in your blog post text… but at least this way they will not be disappointed. Indeed, they may be even more engaged in anticipation of the reasoning behind the answer you have already provided them freely.


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