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Facebook Community Standards vs. Nominations Authenticity Guidelines

2015-03-17 in Uncategorized

In my opinion, Facebook Community Standards are too long, so I didn’t read them fully (TL;DR). I did post an update regarding what are some of the most salient points (According to FB: ” Please keep the following in mind:”) — see

I do not consider myself a religious follower of Facebook, Google, or such so-called “social media” websites. So whether these standards are applied or not doesn’t matter much to me (as I publish anything important on my own websites anyways). But I do commend such organizations for having such documents that are supposed to function as guides for people who do depend on other people’s websites to publish “their own” information.

With NominationsAuthenticity Guidelines, I go one step further: I attempt to document what are the “specifications”, “qualifications”, “quality criteria”, etc. for inclusion in Nominations website reviews. The way I see it, having such a written document helps to make each review comparable to other reviews by having a consistent framework, thereby promoting valid and reliable data and information standards.

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