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Proprietary Domain Names as Brands: Branding / Promotional Strategy (Case Study)

2015-02-20 in Uncategorized

Proprietary domain names (also know as “new gtld” [ngtld — from the common abbreviation for “top level domain = “tld”]) apparently need a sophisticated branding strategy in order to establish what Howard Lefkowitz refers to as “brands” in the online marketplace:

Simply having the name, upon which Lefkowitz has built the bulk of his legacy, is not enough to launch a brand. The relationship that brands build with their audience is what will launch the business into success.

Color me “not impressed” — but the video is at least a little entertaining. 😉

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Whether or not anyone chooses to be their brother’s keeper, only a fool would ignore maintaining a healthy relationship with their environment

2015-02-07 in Uncategorized

This not a Bible lesson — I am neither qualified nor interested in that kind of vibe. That said, recently David Weinberger published a nice blog post that speaks volumes in terms of experience — he says: if we can choose between practicing sympathy or practicing empathy, he prefers “sympathy over empathy“.

David provides several examples, and it is quite clear that he is talking about interpersonal relationships (offline). In an online setting, it is important to keep things in perspective. There is a healthy balance between engagement and independence. As Viktor Frankl apparently said: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

I believe ignorance is rarely — if ever — a virtue, but in order to keep one’s wits and relationship to “reality” (or let’s just say: one’s environment) intact, it may be useful to simply agree to disagree. Do not get bogged down by someone else’s opinion — their opinion may work fine for their environment, you need to focus on what works for yours. You do not need to solve every problem in the universe, and neither do they. To generalize: People seem to be far too eager to make sweeping generalizations.

Another one of my “online friends”, Sue Braiden, reminded me of this when she shared a link (actually, it was a link to a link 😉 ) this week — a talk Monica Lewinsky gave to a group of “under 30 (years old)” people at some kind of event that was organized by Forbes. In her talk, Monica described in great detail how she had been traumatized and devastated by her experiences of ridicule by random people, the mainstream media and so on.

I would suggest that when people engage in online discourse, if they have difficulty maintaining their own intellectual independence, then they should consider online relationships and personal relationships to be mutually exclusive spheres of engagement. I am not saying that this is actually the case, but rather that it might be helpful to think about it this way.

By the way: Sue also shared links to 2 videos from “TED” conference speaker Brené Brown — one about “vulnerability”, the other about “shame” (the “shame” talk is sort of a “follow-up” to the “vulnerability” talk)… I also like these 2 presentations, though I feel the second raises many questions that are left unresolved.

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The Easiest Way to Get Me to Stop Listening to You is to Ask Me to Pay for the Privilege to Listen to Your Awesomeness

2015-02-05 in Uncategorized

I’m not going to pay you to listen to you tell me what’s on your mind.

If you don’t feel privileged to have me in your audience, perhaps even not only listening but also giving you feedback, then why don’t you just go…

Fuck Yourself

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