Welcome to Nooblogs! 😀

The purpose of this website is to help people learn how to use WordPress — and also show off some of the neat-o features BuddyPress offers.

Apparently, both WP and BP have scaling issues, so if you are looking for a really big website, then please head on over to FaceBook. 🙂 If you are a spammer, then please go to hell. 😛

If you think you are new to blogging, then please note that both Facebook and Twitter (and many other so-called “social” sites) are essentially group blogs (with many thousands or even millions of members). If you want to learn more, then go ahead and register an account! 😀

The goal of this site is for you to become familiar enough with WordPress (or some other blogging software) that you are willing and able to launch your own website. Then everyone can always follow what you write by adding your RSS feed to their RSS feed reader (another kind of software that’s commonly used to get notifications of new blog posts).

So please sign up, and feel free to send me a private msg! 🙂